Meet the Team

Our Board of Directors, Leadership Team, Clinicians, and Partners make up the team of dedicated professionals and organizations who help us provide comprehensive healthcare services for our community.

  • Board of Directors
  • Leadership team
  • Our partners
Ms. Maria Saavedra
Mr. Trey Mathis
Mrs. Margaret Hinguanzo-Daugherty
Mr. William Pfaff
Mrs. Yesenia Banda
Dr. Barbara Baxter
Ms. Vickie Cano
Mrs. Sofia Garcia
The Honorable Steve Salazar
Sheryln Samuel Chibuzor
Dr. Katherine Sanchez
Mr. Larry Taylor
Mrs. Magdelena Wolters-Williams
Mr. Nicholas Renna


President Elect

Past President



Leonor Marquez
Dr. Sharon Davis
Art Garza
Joleen Bagwell
Tammy Gonzalez
Dr. Christopher Choat
Dr. J. Pat Harris
Claudia Aroni
Alfredo Gonzalez
Carolyn Operacz
Melissa Carillo
LaCal Bates
Ana Rangel
Fernando Banales
Marvin Lopez
Mary Pina
Jennifer Tyler
Cesar Varon
Michelle Ramirez
Kiara Butts

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Development Officer

Executive Assistant

Compliance Officer / Optometrist

Safety Officer / Dental Director

Senior Director, Business Operations

Director of Human Resources

WIC Director

Accounting Director

Director, Business Development

Eligibility Manager

Manager, Facilities

Manager, Pediatrics and Call Center

Access Manager

Fundraising Manager

Clinic Manager, OB GYN

Manager, LBU Oak Cliff

Manager, LBU South Oak Cliff

LBU Community Clinic’s decades of success can be attributed to working collaboratively.

LBU has close ties with a number of excellent local organizations providing a myriad of critical services for our patients including: